Breast Forms

ABC Massage Form Super Soft 10275

Channel design massages, cools and hugs your body

Super Soft front provides a gentle drape

Resembles natural breast tissue

Especially comfortable for women living with lymphedema

ABC Massage Form Silhouette 10295

Its shallow design at the top of the breast form mimics the profile of natural breast tissue. When compared to Style 10275, the Silhouette has more of a natural drape.

Made with lightweight and super soft silicone

Smooth transition under clothing

ABC Massage Form Asymmetric 10225

Channel paths on the back keep you all day cool

Reduces perspiration when compared to a standard back breast form

ABC Super Soft Triangle 10243

Helps fill in areas of the chest wall where they may be deficits

Terrific solution for women who find that most breast forms leave too much space at the top of the bra cup

ABC Super Soft Triangle 10248

Resembles the drape of a mature, natural breast.

Super soft silicone on front layer

Firmer lightweight silicone on back layer for support

ABC Flowable Back Triangle 10270

Ideal for irregular chest walls where there may be deficits

Its broader base easily accomodates the needs of women with wider chest walls and shallower breasts

ABC Oval Lightweight 1032

This shape is useful for many different shapes of breast, because of it’s versatility of being able to wear in three different positions.

Symmetric design allows for use on either left or right side

ABC Asymmetric Ultra Light 1021

Channel paths on the back keep you all day cool

Reduces perspiration when compared to a standard back breast form

ABC Triangle Ultra Light 1041

Slides easily into bra cup

45% lighter than standard silicone

Creates sleek lines

ABC Massage Form Attach 10475

Skin-friendly adhesive

Channel design cover 100% of the entire back layer

Luxurious Super Soft front provides a gentle drape that's like natural breast tissue

Especially comfortable for women living with lymphedema

Amoena Natura 390

Designed with an ultra soft front layer that drapes like a natural breast with integrated Comfort+ temperature-equalizing material

Moves naturally with the body and relaxes when a woman is lying down

Amoena Natura 392

Moves naturally with the body and relaxes when a woman is lying down

Features a Comfort+ temperature-equalizing layer

Anita Trilite Active 1054

Ideal for swimming thanks to the ribbed design which allows water to drain away quickly and also ensures that the breast form is not pushed upwards. The asymmetrical shape is recommended for optimal compensation in the underarm area.

Up to 25% lighter than a full breast form

Anita Equitex Volume 1157

Smoothes uneven tissue

Compensation for cosmetic defects, lack of volume

Medical fleece allows lady to use the same form during the process of reconstructive surgery

Great for women with tendency to perspiration

Anita Tricup 1089

Multifunctional compensation breast form

Conceals uneven tissue

Medical fleece allows for the same form during the process of reconstructive surgery

When the surgeon fills expanders with fluid, fleece can be removed to compensate equal size of other breast or to desired size

Amoena Purfit Adjustable Enhancer 333

Multifunctional breast form that comes with a separate removable textile cover for extra soft or sensitive skin

Volume can be adjusted to compensate for weight gain or loss or filling of implants during reconstructive

Clear silicone shell offers shape and support; Non-irritating fiberfill for use in adjusting volume;

Soft, breathable fabric cover holds silicone shell and fiberfill

ABC Swim Form Oval 930

Fits all types of swimsuits

Firmness helps hold its shape in the water

ABC Swim Form Triangle 931

Triangular shape with hollowed back

Safe to use in the swimming pool, salt water, hot tubs or spas

The firmness of the silicone allows the breast form to maintain its shape in the water

Amoena Aqua Wave Swimform 149

Transparent silicone form for water activities, with a unique natural shape for even air and water flow

Soft matte film on front and back that is resitant to salt water and chlorine

Packaged with a fashionable waterproof drawstring bag that is large enough to hold a wet swimsuit.

Trulife AquaFlow Triangle Symmetrical Breast Form 630

New lightweight monoprene bead swim form that does not absorb water and dries quickly

Beads do not absorb water and dry quickly, and they move and flatten when sun-bathing

Shapers / Equalizers / Shells

ABC Teardrop Shaper 11204

This shaper gives the flexibility of wearing it in three different positions to add fullness wherever the breast needs it most

Silicone shell molds to breast for added comfort and security

ABC Massage Form Shaper 11285

Designed with standard silicone, the Massage Form Shaper enhances symmetry for women who have had a lumpectomy, breast conserving surgery, reconstructive surgery or uneven breasts

The special channels on its back layer massage, cool and hug while maintaining its shape at all times

ABC Elliptical Shaper 1112

This lightweight shaper is incredibly versatile to accommodate the needs of each wearer

Seamless transition from the shaper to the skin

Amoena Delta Balance 282a, 282b & 284b

These shapers feature a reduced weight silicone with integrated Comfort+ temperature-equalizing material to reduce heat build-up behind the shaper.

Back surface features airflow channels that allow air to flow freely, helping to increase evaporation, further reducing perspiration behind the shaper.

Amoena Balance Oval 283a, 283b & 287b Contact

Versatile oval shape can be worn in different positions

Partial shaper consists of two layers: a very soft silicone layer in regular weighted silicone and a Comfort+ layer. Lightweight silicone on the back side and a super-soft film on the cup side with finely tapered edges makes Balance virtually undetectable under clothing.

Amoena Balance Varia 285 & 286 Contact

Adds fullness to bottom area of breast

Amoena Balance Contact features a skin-friendly adhesive on the back layer that allows the shaper to adhere directly to the body so it follows your every movement.

*Almost all insurance companies cover breast prosthesis, bras & garments following mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction surgery.*