What you should know when it's time for your fitting..

We offer a full service Mastectomy line from pre-op garments to swimsuits to sexy lingerie and bra & panty sets. Most insurance companies will cover a pre-op garment which would be fit before you have surgery. Your doctor will decide when you are properly healed, usually between 4-6 weeks, so you may be fit with your mastectomy bras and weighted prosthesis. Your physician needs to write you a prescription for your prosthesis, bras, and garments in order for your insurance to be filed. Reach to Recovery may have given you a fluff form, but it is IMPORTANT to wear a weighted breast prosthesis both for your own appearance, as well as for balance and posture, AFTER your 4-6 weeks are up.

Breast forms are available in a variety of styles. Polyester fiber-filled fluff or foam or a silicone breast prosthesis which provides the most natural replacement, best mimicking breast tissue in weight and feel. What is the difference? The most obvious differences are their shape. The teardrop is designed to be worn in three different positions to suit the surgery of different women. An asymmetrical breast form has been designed worn on the left or the right. These often provide a more individualized fit, filling the area under the arm and upper chest more naturally to even differences that women have in their breasts. The heart shape and triangle shape have no under arm extension and often suit some of the newer surgeries where less tissues has been removed under the arm.

There are over a dozen manufacturers making silicone breast prostheses. Most manufacturers offer a variety of shapes within their line. What other differences can we consider? WARRANTY is one consideration. Some forms carry a 1-year warranty against defects, some 2 years . Also consider the back of the form. Some styles have a more liquid gel on the back of the breast form. This might be a particular comfort to women who have more scarring or more tissue absent against the chest wall. There are partials and shells designed to be worn by women who have had a lumpectomy to correct unevenness which may have resulted from implant surgery or reconstruction. You might also look at how the form tapers against the body.

Your form needs to be washed by hand every night. This removes body oils from your skin and keeps your breast form from breaking down faster.

There are silicone breast prostheses today that are self-adhesive. These forms self-adhere, simply and directly to your chest wall. There is no need for special surgical bras. The fashion freedom that this type of prosthesis offers is obvious. There is another advantage: Since the form is worn directly on the chest wall, backache and shoulder strain is often relieved.

Medicare will cover your bras and garments every year. They pay 80% of the allowable towards each bra and garment. They also pay for one silicone prosthesis and one non-silicone prosthesis every year, if needed, at 80% of the allowable. Secondary insurance will pay anywhere from the 20% Medicare doesn’t allow, to paying in full, depending on your insurance policy.

The revolutionary Radiant Impressions Custom prosthesis is another option. This is custom fit to imitate a women’s missing breast as close as possible. Because each surgical site varies after breast removal, the chest wall side of the Radiant Impressions breast prosthesis is custom cast to fit each ladies specific chest contour. By keeping the prosthesis in place, a woman can once again enjoy the swimming pool, hot tub or any activity while maintaining a feeling of comfort. Not all insurances will cover this item, call for details.

We do not offer online sales. In order for you to get the personal and best fit possible we do suggest you make an appointment so we may measure you properly and get your balance back. This is a intimate procedure and cannot be properly done without a "hands on" fitting.

If you have been getting your products from us and your size has not changed, you may call us and we can assist you by mailing your product to your home.

If you have any questions, or if you would just like to come in and see what options are available, please feel free to call us anytime. We’re here for you!